Speaker: Vinciane Rycroft

A Mind with Heart

Vinciane Rycroft is trained in international environmental law and education for sustainable development, and has worked for non-governmental organizations in this field for twelve years.

She is also passionate about the human mind. A particular interest is whether developing our understanding of empathy and compassion, and how they can be cultivated, can realistically improve the prospect of a more harmonious, sustainable world.

Rycroft works with teenagers to investigate the topics of happiness, success, empathy, and sustainability and is a co-founder of the education charity Mind with Heart and the main organizer behind the international conference Empathy and Compassion in Society as well as the Youth Gathering 'Don't you have to be ruthless to succeed in life?' that took place in London in November 2012.

She has a Masters in the Science of Education, extensive experience as a project manager in the charity and education sector, and fifteen years experience of mindfulness, meditation and compassion practices.

Please join us on Saturday 22nd of March to hear more about her journey..

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