Speaker: Alissa Hauser

Giving for Transformation

Alissa is the Executive Director of the Pollination Project , a foundation that gives away $1000 a day, every day, to individual social changemakers who have a vision and a plan for making the world a better place.  They fund projects all over the world, in any issue area.  Their ultimate goal is to create more love, compassion, peace and justice worldwide.  They have already funded many people and projects from the Service Space ecosystem.

Prior to her work with the Pollination Project, Alissa spent 8 years as the Executive Director of Circle of Life, the organization that Julia Butterfly Hill founded while living in the branches of an ancient redwood tree in order to save it and call worldwide attention to the plight of the forests.  In that role, she produced large scale eco friendly events, and spearheaded worldwide environmental education efforts.

Alissa also cofounded and co-directed The Engage Network, a nonprofit social venture that provided best practices in citizen engagement, working with large scale nonprofits all over the world to help them better engage their members and followers.

Alissa is also proud to be an advisor to Go Inspire Go , Bread for the Journey , The Pachamama Alliance , Child Education Center , the Flawless Foundation , The Vegetarian Youth Alliance and Philanthrogeek .

She holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco, and, as a former foster mom, she is a passionate advocate for her local foster care system.

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