Speaker: Wu De

Awakening of Harmony

Walk into a café today, and you’re likely to find yourself hit with an assortment of to-go beverages: coffee, chai, espressos, Americanos, hot chocolate, green tea lattes, Frappuccinos, Dunkaccinos, and on and on. With so many rich options, hot tea is almost listed as an afterthought.

Yet beyond the modern-day rush of to-go drinks and caffeine fixes, Zen Monk and Tea Master Wu De, has created a space where drinking tea is not only a daily practice, but both a healing meditation and an integral aspect of life. 

As one writer describes, “This is not about a cup of Earl Grey from a cotton bag, but rather a steeping of leaves that are vibrant and alive, a sacred ritual that has a profound affect on ones happiness and well being.”
With strong knowledge of Zen and Taoist traditions, Wu De is both a student and teacher of a tradition that dates back to the beginnings of tea consumption. He founded Tea Sage Hut and, most recently, Light Meets Life, tea and meditation center nestled in Taiwan’s lush mountainsides. And in the humility of his teachings, both centers cultivate an awakening of harmony through tea, in a simple and earnest manner, without asking anything in return.
He is the author of two books (The Way of Tea: Reflections on a Life with Tea and Zen & Tea One Flavor), and his teachings on the spiritual side of tea have inspired tens of thousands around the world.
Please join us on Saturday, the 7th of September to dive deeper into this unique tradition and hear more about Wu De's journey.

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