Speaker: Aisha Salem

Embrace of truth

Aisha Salem was born and raised in Denmark. At the age of 24 the question “Who am I?” rose in her mind with the demand for Truth. Life broke loose eradicating every idea of individual existence through a year and a half of extreme spiritual unfoldment; dying into the flame of pure Life in constantly expanding consciousness; embracing true Heart.

The following years in service as a spiritual teacher in addition touched upon every aspect of Life and living; parenting, man/woman, nature, friends and family - all was embedded in/as the One reality of Life - of Love itself.

Eight years after the initial rise of demand for Truth, Aisha was called into solitude of retreat (out of every context) to deepen her realization. The calling into Silence invited for the realization of Absolute Truth - reality beyond consciousness.

Aisha has restored a big house in Denmark, which has now turned into a full-time retreat center, where she receives people on their Way to realization of their Self and true Essence - pure Being. In addition she travels globally attending events of giving satsangs (meetings in Truth), non-residential- and live-in retreats of deep healing and clarification in addition to giving individual sessions and other events like meditations etc. All of her work is pointing towards the same thing - the facilitation of human's Real potential - pure Being in Mind, Heart and as integral individuality.

We invite you to join us on Saturday the 12th of October and embrace Truth with her...

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