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This World is Perfect

--by Swami Vivekananda (Mar 02, 2009)

Is it not a blasphemy to say that the world needs our help? We cannot deny that there is much misery in it; to go out and help others is, therefore, the best thing we can do, although in the long run, we shall find that helping others is only helping ourselves. […] 

Life is good or evil according to the state of mind in which we look at it, it is neither by itself. Fire, by itself, is neither good nor evil. When it keeps us warm we say, "How beautiful is fire!" When it burns our fingers, we blame it. Still, in itself it is neither good nor bad. According as we use it, it produces in us the feeling of good or bad; so also is this world. It is perfect. By perfection is meant that it is perfectly fitted to meet its ends. We may all be perfectly sure that it will go on beautifully well without us, and we need not bother our heads wishing to help it.

Yet we must do good; the desire to do good is the highest motive power we have, if we know all the time that it is a privilege to help others.  […]

[And] one must first know how to work without attachment, then one will not be a fanatic. When we know that this world is like a dog's curly tail and will never get straightened, we shall not become fanatics. If there were no fanaticism in the world, it would make much more progress than it does now. It is a mistake to think that fanaticism can make for the progress of mankind. On the contrary, it is a retarding element creating hatred and anger, and causing people to fight each other, and making them unsympathetic. We think that whatever we do or possess is the best in the world, and what we do not do or possess is of no value. So, always remember the instance of the curly tail of the dog whenever you have a tendency to become a fanatic. You need not worry or make yourself sleepless about the world; it will go on without you. When you have avoided fanaticism, then alone will you work well. It is the level-headed man, the calm man, of good judgment and cool nerves, of great sympathy and love, who does good work and so does good to himself.

--Swami Vivekananda, From "The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda," Vol. 1

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On Dec 22, 2010 ABC wrote:

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On Mar 14, 2009 Ravindra Kamareddy wrote:
Beautiful, This article reached me in a most appropriate time, I am in delama of attending a meeting of a fanatic peoples of our samaja. Now I am relieved, I will do my good works without any attachments.

On Mar 9, 2009 shilpa wrote:
"A road of success is always under construction."

On Mar 8, 2009 ENOCK O. OMAYIO wrote:
Wisdom can fly to higher heights without wings.
Wisdom can go to great depths of earth without drills
Wisdom can sail deep seas without oars or fins.
Wisdom can crack the hardest shell without nut-cracker.

On Mar 3, 2009 Brandon Jones wrote:
This article could not have reached me at a more opportune moment, I hope it reaches all of you then as well.

On Mar 3, 2009 Sheetal mittal wrote:
i need thought of the day

On Mar 3, 2009 Lijomon Joy wrote:
the artiicles published are fine and good

On Mar 3, 2009 pappu wrote:
Beautiful article!
i wish i can work without attachment