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Keep No Accounts With Love

--by Mikhail Naimy (Sep 17, 2007)

You are the tree of Life. Beware of fractioning yourselves. Never set fruit against fruit, a leaf against a leaf, or a bough against a bough, the stem against the roots, or the tree against the mother - the soil. But that is what you do when you love one part more than the rest, or worse yet, to the exclusion of the rest.

You are the Tree of Life. Your roots are everywhere. Your boughs and leaves are everywhere. Your fruits are in every mouth. Whatever the fruits on that tree may be ... whatever its boughs and leaves may be ... whatever the roots may be ... they are your fruits; they are your leaves and boughs; they are your roots.

If you want the tree to bear sweet and fragrant fruit, and if you want it to be strong and green, pay attention to the resin -- the life-blood of the tree. Love is the resin of Life. Love is the blood that must circulate unhindered in the veins. If you repress the blood, it becomes a plague. Hate is Love repressed or Love withheld. [...]

You do not know the Joy of Love if there is any hatred in your hearts. That which you hate is bound up inseparably with that which you love, like the head and tail of the same coin. If you are truly honest with yourself, then you must Love what you hate and what hates you before you can Love what you love and what loves you.

Love is not a virtue ... it's a neccessity of greater importance than bread and water, and more important than even light or air. Let no-one have pride in their loving. Inhale and exhale Love just as unconsciously as you breathe in and breathe out air. Love needs no-one to exalt it. Love will only exalt the heart that it finds worthy of itself. Don't seek out rewards for Love. Love is rewarded sufficiently with Love, just as hate is a sufficient punishment for hatred. Love accounts to no-one but itself. Love neither lends nor borrows; Love doesn't buy or sell.

But when Love gives, it gives all; when it takes, it takes all. Its very taking is giving. Its very giving is taking. Therefore is it the same to-day, to-morrow and forevermore.

--Mikhail Naimy, From "Book of Mirdad"

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On Sep 14, 2017 Sudhir P wrote:

 One can truly know what love is only when one fully realizes that love is one's own nature. Only then can the person "naturally" see everyone & every situation through that core, through that lens. Until then "love" is like any other emotion that comes & goes based on conditions & situations.

On Dec 4, 2007 Rama wrote:
These words mean so much not only to me. It's true "But when Love gives, it gives all; when it takes, it takes all."

On Sep 18, 2007 Archana wrote:
Wen i love him i kno dat i love him forever.Wen u fall for somebody ,test yourself whethr its an infactuation,by not giving any importance to it for a few months or perhaps for a few years,if it s still der wit de same spirit,den u r in real love,be patient,have trust in u and in love.

On Sep 18, 2007 Ishaya wrote:
"Most of the time, we fall in love but canít remain there. The world then calls the state we were in a delusion or infatuation ... BUT we merely lacked, or someone else lacked, the emotional skills to hold on to the magic when the morning came. ... In truth, we can go to the moon and retain its magic for a lifetime." - Marianne Williamson

On Sep 17, 2007 maryann moon wrote:
Thank you for sharing this!! I choose to make every day rich with the holy opportunity to
love that which seems unlovable, to tolerate what seems intolerable,
to stay out of holy way of my brothers by
never thinking I must finish their sentences
when they are searching for their own best
word or words. I choose to let everyone
find his own sweet invaluable worth by being
patient and compassionate and offering them
my own hopefully slowly growing talent for
listening to them and looking into their eyes with the sweetest love and mercy I know how.
You really got me started here!

On Sep 17, 2007 mark stodghill wrote:
AHH....i was trying to say this the other day on myspace blog........"--after all the only purpose is to give love and failing that--all other actions are ultimately funnelings of frustrations for not attaining and creating the i must remember not to forget ...and try to act on the imperative if only in tiny ways that no one notices as such--even that will be a nice trick

On Sep 17, 2007 Jayant wrote:
Love is endless and is straight and constant.It has no ups and down. What appears to be up and down or appears to increase or decrease is infatuation or attachment.