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Nothing Else Matters
by Scott Morrison

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Stop dead in your tracks.
It doesn’t matter at all, what you’ve ever done, or not done.
It doesn’t matter how grandiose, self-centered,
arrogant, or neurotic you’ve ever been.
It doesn’t matter how brilliant you’ve been, or how stupid you’ve been.
It doesn’t matter what you’ve ever experienced, or not experienced.
It doesn’t matter how much good you’ve ever done, or how much harm you’ve ever done, your whole life long.
Nothing that has ever happened to you makes any difference at all.
It doesn’t make any difference how many times you’ve been enlightened, or not enlightened, or how powerful, profound, or intense those experiences may have been.
The only thing that matters, that really matters at all,
is whether you are willing to be completely alive, awake and free,
this very moment – this very instant.
The only thing that makes any difference – any difference at all,
is whether you are willing to let go of all mental and emotional -
all historical and future versions of yourself and your life,
and simply be what you are, completely and absolutely, right now.
We are simply awareness – pure, infinite, and wide open.
Our nature is to be unconditionally kind, honest, wise, and sincere,
tender, affectionate, sensitive, and compassionate,
without reservation, right now.
It’s the most natural thing in the world,
and there is nothing real in the way.
Everywhere is your home.
Everyone is your lover, your child, your mother, your father, your sister, and your brother, your best friend. Every one is your own reflection.
Your heart is aching to be What you are,
to be Everything that you are,
on this breath.
Don’t put it off another instant.

--Scott Morrison

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Nothing Else Matters
What do you make of the assertion that "our nature is to be unconditionally kind, honest, wise and ..."? Can you share a personal experience of a time that you let go of all mental and emotional versions of yourself to be what you are? How can we develop ourselves to be able to do this?
Conrad P Pritscher wrote:  I cannot share an experience of the time that I let go of all mental and emotional versions of myself to be what I am because I have never experienced that. The assertion that "our nature is to...
Blessings wrote:  Personally, I frequently find myself letting go of "mental and emotional versions of myself" in order to jump into other people's thoughts, hearts, worlds, views, situations, ect. &nb...
david doane wrote:  I feel myself resisting -- I don't agree with what the author is saying.  All those things he says don't matter, do matter.  I don't even agree with his saying that the only thing tha...
Yma Jo wrote:  I agree with you!  The litany of "it does not matters" do matter.  The combination of all our experiences (matters) make us who we are and bring us to this moment.  It does matte...
Abhishek Thakore wrote: To me this passage occurs as an existential take on life (perhaps biased by my own world-view) - just that everything in our lives is constructed (purpose, meaning, morals) either consciously or unco...
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