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"In a gentle way, we can shake the world." --Gandhi

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Ajaan Geoff

Ajaan Geoff

Mastering Our Inner World

Ajaan Geoff, an American Buddhist monk of the Thai Forest tradition, has followed a path far outside his mainstream upbringing. Raised in Long Island on a potato farm, he traveled to Thailand after college, came upon a renowned teacher of meditation, and eventually became an ordained monk. His life in the Thai jungles was spartan, with a rigorous schedule of training in meditation; but it was one that forged monks of a high standard of knowledge and skill. The Thai Forest tradition is known for upholding the strict standards of external conduct for monks as originally laid out by the Buddha. "They were just rules I had to put up with if I wanted to stay in Thailand and meditate," he said. "But then I began to see that every time something went wrong in the community, it was because someone had broken a rule. I also began to see the rules as protection for me in my practice." Now a renowned teacher and prolific author, Ajaan Geoff helped establish the first monastery in the Thai Forest Tradition in the U.S., in San Diego County, and serves as its abbot. Read Full Bio »

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Awakin Calls is an initiative of ServiceSpace, a global, all-volunteer community dedicated to small acts of great love. Our webinar and podcast series highlights the outer work and inner journeys of individuals who are transforming our world in large and small ways. We aim to inspire and seed shifts in consciousness by highlighting paradigm-shifting ways of being and doing in the world. We are a heart-centered learning community across wisdom traditions exploring the ServiceSpace principle of “change yourself, change the world”. We organize our processes in accordance with the principles we seek to lift up, and so each conversation is co-created by a team of volunteers distributed across the world, in a spirit of intrinsically motivated service and kinship.

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