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"In a gentle way, we can shake the world." --Gandhi

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Leigh Marz & Justin Zorn

Leigh Marz & Justin Zorn

The Power of Silence in a World of Noise

Silence isn’t just the absence of noise. It’s a presence that brings us energy, clarity, and deeper connection. Leigh Marz, a confessed naturalist and leadership coach, and Justin Talbot Zorn, a policymaker and meditation teacher on Capitol Hill, explore the meaning of silence in a wide range of contexts—from the West Wing of the White House to San Quentin’s death row; from Ivy League brain research laboratories to rock concerts and underground psychedelic circles. Their book, Goldenlooks broadly at noise—not just in our ears, but also on our screens and in our heads, and offers a field guide to getting beyond the noise. Drawing on lessons from neuroscience, business, spirituality, politics, and the arts, Justin and Leigh explore why auditory, informational, and internal silence is essential for physical health, mental clarity, ecological sustainability, and vibrant community. Read Full Bio »

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Awakin Calls is an initiative of ServiceSpace, a global, all-volunteer community dedicated to small acts of great love. Our webinar and podcast series highlights the outer work and inner journeys of individuals who are transforming our world in large and small ways. We aim to inspire and seed shifts in consciousness by highlighting paradigm-shifting ways of being and doing in the world. We are a heart-centered learning community across wisdom traditions exploring the ServiceSpace principle of “change yourself, change the world”. We organize our processes in accordance with the principles we seek to lift up, and so each conversation is co-created by a team of volunteers distributed across the world, in a spirit of intrinsically motivated service and kinship.

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