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"In a gentle way, we can shake the world." --Gandhi

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Stacey Lawson

Stacey Lawson

Conscious Bridging: Leading with Heart in Times of Change

Sitting in a corporate board meeting and planning quarterly targets nearly 20 years ago, Stacey Lawson recalls a strange vision: "We were talking about the next quarter of - 300 million or 500 million or a billion, and all of a sudden I had this vision of this cascading series of quarter ends, that just never ended. And I thought -- that's the exact illusion, the sort of matrix that we're living in right now and this can't be the true reality."

She quit her job, "stopped everything" and planned a trip to India. "All of a sudden, even though my eyes were closed, I could see all of the people in the room and I saw them not as bodies, but this absolutely gorgeous, luminous light. I could literally see each light in the room where everyone was sitting -- the bodies of pure essence, pure source, pure love."

Stacey grew up in rural US with a father who was a truck driver, went to Harvard Business School, ran for US Congress, survived cancer, runs a renewable energy fund. Her belief that humanity is facing an unprecedented time of transformation (accelerating AI innovation, climate disruption, and social/political conflict) has led to her most recent passion project - The Human Evolution Project (THE Project) which aims to bridge ancient science with modern technology to foster a transformative community dedicated to the upliftment of humanity. As part of this effort, Stacey recently co-created the Benevolent AI Future coalition with leading developers and voices in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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