Do we Use Thought, or Does Thought Use us?

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Have you ever looked meditatively into the cause-and-effect of thought, into the birth and death of thought, the cycle that creates fear and conflict with resultant sorrow?

Every expression of thought-emotion consumes psychic force, and every projection of thought drains the vital source. Each one is blessed with a specific unit of valuable life energy. Constant depletion of your energy through the mechanical activity of chronic and compulsive habit patterns is utterly stupid and in vain. Indiscriminate and ceaseless psychic activity results in energy dissipation, causes mental exhaustion and invites psychosomatic disorders. 

Very few thoughts are necessary for daily living and functioning. One need not use thought when it is not necessary. Thought need not function automatically.

But now there's no ending of thought, even when we retire to bed. Surprisingly, in sleep, too, the thought process goes on and on. The mind projects fantasies and fears. And even while asleep, it indulges in unfulfilled plans and pursuits. This wishful play of mind is constant and continuous. Living is nothing more than this chain of thoughts!

Like the pumping of the heart, the mind remains ever active throughout the lifetime, busily creating and then trying to solve conflicts. We are rarely at ease and never at fully tranquil rest. [...]

You think that you use thought but I doubt it. It is thought that uses you, uses your life energy, by dominating, grabbing and dictating to it, and by possessing people and things.

Thought is a possessive, aggressive, dominant force, subduing and hindering the creative source. Realizing the limitation of thought, its exclusive pursuits and mediocre nature, mechanical habit patterns and subtle compulsions, is understanding. It is the beginning of the awakening of intuitive intelligence. 

The world needs the discovery of such intelligence to experience a new-dimensional existence: a path of impersonal understanding, a way of happy and creative living, the life of freedom and peace. Meditative watchfulness generates a new insight, keeping one free, independent and whole with in, to function spontaneously as a creative being. Then within the field of human sensitivity, a new energy source will emerge. The dawn of a new impersonal intelligence shall swell and burst within the heart.