When Stillness Comes on Its Own

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"The old habits will continue; the thoughts will go on rushing. And your mind is always in a rush hour, the traffic is always jammed. Your body is not accustomed to sitting silently - you will be tossing and turning. Nothing to be worried about. Just watch that the body is tossing and turning, that the mind is whirling, is full of thoughts -- consistent, inconsistent, useless - fantasies, dreams. You remain in your center, just watching."

"When stillness comes on its own, when silence descends without your effort, when you watch thoughts and a moment comes when thoughts start disappearing and silence starts happening, that is beautiful. The thoughts stop of their own accord, if you don't identify; if you remain a witness and you don't say, "This is my thought." You don't say, "This is bad, this is good," "This should be there", "This should not be there." Then you are not a watcher; you have prejudices, you have certain attitudes. A watcher has no prejudice, he has no judgment. He simply sees like a mirror."

"When you bring something in front of a mirror it reflects, simply reflects. There is no judgment that the man is ugly, that the man is beautiful [...] the mirror has nothing to say. It's nature is to mirror; it mirrors. This is what I call meditation: you simply mirror everything within or without."

"With your watching and watching, slowly the rush of thoughts starts getting less and less. Moments of silence start appearing; a thought comes, and then there is silence before another thought appears. These gaps will give you the first glimpse of meditation and the first joy that you are arriving home."

-- Osho

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