Anger as an Opportunity

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An alias member (who prefers to stay anonymous) shares these thoughts:

"How can I practice patience when there is no one to be angry with." -- Milarepa

These simple words by Milarepa, the great Tibetan monk who lived in the 11th century, holds the key to a simple exercise which we all can try and benefit from. Life presents us with many situations to which we react with anger, frustration, anxiety, selfishness, despair, etc. Even though we don't like to go through these roller-coasters of emotional turbulence, we often feel helpless when faced with the situation. But no matter how negative these situations may be, they can still serve as great stepping stones for us.

The next time such a situation arises, we could look at it in a different light. We could welcome it as an opportunity and take it as a session to practice calmness, selflessness, patience and equanimity. Soon, this regular practice will help us handle varied situations with joy and inner strength. It will also gradually make these virtues an integral part of our personality, to a point where we wouldn't have to make a conscious effort to be virtuous.

Regular meditation can give us a unique and positive perspective to a seemingly negative situation. Furthermore, it also makes us more aware of our reactions and thus helps in correcting them.