A Human Society

Vimala Thakar
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A self-centered person can never look at anything in life, a self-centered person cannot get related with other human beings. He is so busy with his own self, his ego, his likes, his dislikes, his thoughts, his emotions. He likes the world, only if the world allows him to project them on it. Most of us live that way.

We create screens of resistance; and adjustment of mutual resistances is called relationship. This is the stuff of human relationships. I adjust some of my prejudices and preferences to go with yours and you adjust with mine and that we call a family. That we call friendship. That is why human beings are yet to be born.

It is only fragments that have emerged through the human animal who has inhabited the globe. And the fragments are very charming sometimes, but the harmonious whole human being has yet to be born. Then only there will be a human religion, and then only there can be a human society.

The beginning of new life, a fresh life is nothing Utopian. It is possible, it does take place. The silence of mind, which is humility, gives you a new dimension of living. Moments of peace and harmony are rare. Moments unpolluted by the touch of mind, moments uncontaminated by the touch of emotion and thought are rare. Getting related to one another in humility, in the state of non-commitment, non-identification, is the meditative way of life.

--Vimala Thakar

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