Movement of Love

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Love comes from a place of seeing that the truth seems to be manifested and expressed through a human personality for the sake of the evolution of the whole. The love I'm speaking of comes out of the revelation that you are the whole. The awakening of this love makes whatever is happening in oneself unimportant. For such a person self-concern has dropped out of the center of awareness. Enlightenment is not only the experience of transcending the me; it's also a condition where the me, as a separate somebody, doesn't hold importance anymore. It doesn't always start out this absolute, but this is the direction non-personal love pushes you toward. Ultimately one is either going to "yes" to that movement of love which is completely non-personal, or to say "no."

Q: Aren't there starts and stops to that? And a continual choice to say "yes?"

A: The whole idea is to get to the point where it is no longer a minute-to-minute choice. Of course it may be a continual minute-to-minute choice, but the problem is that choosing takes effort. It's always a decision; at each moment you're never sure which way you're going to go. However, there can, and must, come a point when one simply says "yes." Period. You know inside, that choice has been made because choice falls away. It ultimately comes down to a black and whiteness that most people have a great amount of difficulty with. Whatever is left of the me always seeks the gray areas. As long as we're seeking gray areas, it means we haven't really come to a reckoning inside with the love which seeks only itself.

If most human beings truly realized the impact that they have on the whole, they’d be crushed by the realization of it. But what I’m talking about is being thrilled by it. All you have to do is say "yes." You’ll never know what it means to say "yes," but you do it anyway. Freedom and love arise when you die into the unknown mystery of being.


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