Sadness Starts Laughing

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Be of good cheer. Let cheerfulness become a climate that surrounds you day in, day out. Cheerfulness should not remain just an emotion that comes once in a while; it should be a constant undercurrent. On the surface you may be doing anything, but deep down there should be a singing heart.

You maybe involved in day-to-day activities of life, but deep down your energies should remain in a dancing mood. That's the real art of being a sannyasin (renunciate): being in the world and yet not of it. And the only way to fulfil this is to remain ordinary with cheerfulness; otherwise, life becomes boring, one has to do the same things again and again. It becomes routine and rut.

Unless you can remain cheerful, life is bound to become heavier every day. Unless you can keep cheerfulness flowing, your life is going to become dormant, stagnant. Stagnant water start stinking; it remains fresh only if it flows. And the only thing that can keep you flowing is cheerfulness. So don't miss an opportunity; whenever you can, laugh, smile, dance, sing. [...]

Then a miracle happens one day: you become so full of light that you can go in darkness and the darkness disappears. You become so cheerful that you can go into sadness and the sadness starts laughing.


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