Attitude on Donation

Author Unknown
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Donation is a part of many lives, but our selfish motives often complicate the subject. In its rudimentary form, donation is a simple act of selfless service, whether we sacrifice our time or material possessions. However, those intentions can be difficult to achieve, remember, and maintain; our personal desires and illusions very easily plague the genuine experience of our charity. The history of mankind has seen several great beings who have tirelessly dedicated their lives for others but for us, that seems like a daunting task. To understand the reasons for this, we must first examine the subtleties of our motives.

Why do we give? If the answer to this question isn't clear, the conviction to donate time or money will eventually wither. Some people give because of guilt; they contribute what it takes to avoid internal conflicts. Some others join charities because they are tired of every-day activities and need a change; when these people donate their time their focus remains on pleasing the self. And yet others want to experience the feeling of accomplishment and power when they give to others; their ego rises a lot higher than their charity. Some of the motives behind our contributions may not be apparent but in the end, these defiled motives are what tire us, require change in activities, and constantly demand "better" reasons for our actions.

If we eradicate these selfish motives and truly give for the sake of giving, each action will pose its own reward. Instead of looking for reasons to continue our donations, we will be renewed with vigor at every step of the way; in a unique way, we will be better able to understand ourselves when we understand others. In looking at people who have been thoroughly devoted to the happiness of others, we see a certain strength of character and an unshakable resolve. When we meditate and see the futility of our selfishness, we, too, develop our determination and learn that it is in giving that we truly receive.