Heart And Soul Bonds

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Our lives are greeted by different types of relationships. Some fun, some cozy and intimate, some crazy and adventurous, some inseparable. Nevertheless, there are also other type of connections, which transcend these. These are the heart and soul bonds. One does not need to talk or exchange messages but still there is a knowing or a feeling of the other person. Here the channels of heart and soul connection are alive. 
We have all experienced this at some moments in life. Like when you are wishing to eat a special dish and without saying a word your mother/father/housemate makes it for you. When you have suddenly thought of a friend and felt as though she was not ok and you call to say hi, you discover she is going through a tough patch. The electricity you feel running through your body when you connect with someone so profoundly. The time when you meet someone in your dreams and it feels so real. When you look deeply into someone's eyes and you just know their true essence.  When your spouse has a stomachache and u can feel the sympathy pain.  When you think of someone and then suddenly they call you unexpectedly and you say “Hey! I was just thinking of you!” When you are thinking about something and the next moment your friend talks about the same thing - almost completing your statements. 
We share them with a few people in our lives; we can actually share them with more. It sounds ridiculous. However, it exists for each one of us.

We often use methods to communicate like talking, texting, writing etc. and this is great but it is also amazing to connect at another level too. The heart and soul level. Here connection is effortless and consciousness is aligned. Being more awake to the present moment helps tune into each other. Intuition comes alive. Truly feel each other's heart spaces. It is transcendental and so beautiful.  You can send love across miles; it will be felt and received. The next time you meet with a friend or a loved one; sit for a few minutes together simply being in silence. Feel the sparkling connections that emerge.
These type of relationships can exist with everyone we know! That is the beauty of it.It connects all of us together in love and harmony. Much love to all of you this month! May many such heart and soul bonds grow and enrich all of the days of our lives. They are so meaningful.


by Michelle Pereira.