How Could There Be Wars?

Heng Ch'au
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There is too much hate and suffering in the world. Things are out of order, out of harmony and balance. Why are heaven and earth (nature) angry? It's because our values and priorities are upside-down. Look around. All the wars and fighting, stockpiles of destructions, weapons, family feuds, neglected old people, abused children -- children are the future, old people are our parents. Is this right? Politicians and leaders take bribes -- models of dishonesty and selfishness. Where are leaders with virtue and some wisdom that really seek benefit for all people, for all beings, and not just for limited groups or themselves?

All these problems and conditions are a result of past actions. And past deeds start in the mind. If the heart brings forth thoughts motivated by greed and anger and stupidity, then the harvest will be bitter. If the mind plants seeds based on morality, compassion, and wisdom, then these seeds will ripen into peace and well-being for all beings everywhere. What you give, you get. The big starts from the small.

The work is to change the world by changing yourself. You work from the inside out -- start at the beginning, not the end -- start with your own mind and heart. What else really works? If the individual is together, the family is together and so on until large countries are made up of people whose hearts and minds are at peace and happy. With people like that, how could there be wars?

-- Heng Ch'au
(he took a 800 mile, three-steps-one-bow pilgrimage for about 3 continuous years, in late 70s, to spread compassion in the world; more ...)

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