Weakness in Others

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"A weakness found in someone is yet another in ourselves."

It can be rather easy to find a weaknesses or pass some judgement on others, but does it make sense to have this conditioned response? People's dislikes commonly fall into these two categories: (a) I don't like this because it is simply not good or (b) I am unhappy because he/she isn't doing the "right" thing. The obvious problems are that, either you are passing a judgement on what is good and what is bad or your happiness is dependent on outside cirucumstances and hence you're not in control of yourself. If instead, we choose to stop reacting and accept things as they are, we will see that regardless of what others say or do, the source of our happiness resides within us. When something upsets us, the problem isn't in that situation or person but rather in that we aren't capable of accepting that situation as it is.

Similarly, when we find a weakness in others, it isn't necessarily a problem in the other person/thing; instead, we have found another block in us. There is nothing that prevents us from opening our hearts and unequivocally loving every being. While meditating, we practice this non-reaction and acceptance, which in turn, gives us greater strength to love and accept everything around us.

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