Romance Vs. Love

Gary Zukav
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Romantic love is like a drug. It produces euphoria, energy and vitality. You think you've found someone to complete your life — it's a high. But when that drug wears off, everything you felt before you took the drug returns. That is the moment of disillusionment. You think love is gone, but the illusion is gone. This is the time that most people go back and look for someone else to provide this feeling of euphoria. But you will eventually see this person for who they really are, and the feeling of romance will again fade. When you find someone you think is completing you, make a list of the things you love about that person. Those traits are qualities that you have the capability of cultivating within yourself. Another person can never give you those things. The disintegration of romantic love, is not a tragic loss. Rather, it is the beginning of the possibility of real growth within you. No one else can "rescue" or "save" you. If you're searching for Mr./Ms. Right, you're looking in the wrong direction. Instead, you must do the inner work and become Mr./Ms. Right. Until you intend to make yourself whole, you will not be able to experience true love. The only way love lasts is if it continues to grow into something deeper. True love has to do with giving, and caring for someone else. Spiritual Partnership is a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. It's not possible to have a spiritual partnership with someone you think will "complete you". -- Gary Zukav