Awakin Hyderabad

"The practice of meditation is an act of kindness, for others as well as for yourself." ‑‑Thanissaro Bhikku

Building on a tradition started by a small group of friends in California (USA), we invite you to come and share some silence with us at the Awakin Circle, Hyderabad. 

Every month, we come together to sit in silence for an hour, share some personal insights based on a reading for the second hour, and some tea afterwards. Our circle is not a religious or commercial venture. It is the creation of a time and space where we can step out of our hurly-burly lives and gain insight about ourselves. No agenda -- just a belief in inner change. :) 

For the April circle we meet on 22nd April, Saturday, at 6 Plot No: 34 S,  SM Avenue, Kismathpur Road, Bandlaguda Jagir, Lane beside Sri Vidyaranya International school. Google address is here. Kindly reach out to Srinidhi Rao(8452002016) for any help with directions. The format of Awakin Circle Hyderabad is as follows:

4PM An hour of collective silence; its unguided, without any instructions or music. For first-timers, this primer on meditation may be helpful.
5PM A short reading (will be sent via email by Srinidhi), followed by a circle of personal stories and reflections from everyday life.
5:45PM Some chai, hugs, and informal conversation.

There is no charge and no one is expected to bring anything. People organically "pay-it-forward" to the world in their own ways.  

In service,
Srinidhi, Akanksha, Jaideep & other invisible volunteers   

We are profoundly grateful that our paths have crossed in this sacred way. Please do get in touch if you have any questions. We look forward to growing in stillness and service, together.