Awakin Delhi

Local Programs

Kindness   We convene in central Delhi, go out to do acts of random kindness and return for a reflective circle of sharing. Sometimes, we'll offer food, visit brothels, or spread positive messages -- all in the spirit of kinship.

NGO Visits   Lot of friends run amazing efforts -- like Goonj and Manzil -- in the city; we spend an afternoon serving them in hands on work, and expose ourselves.

Stories   To counter-act the negativity in the media, we visit everyday heroes (like Subba Rao) and have a deep conversation with them about today's issues. Later, we publish those conversation online and share with it friends so the ripples can spread.

Retreats   Every four to six months, local volunteers will spend a weekend together (at the Gandhi Ashram), where we deepen our shared experience of "hands, head, and heart". This is inspired by various "Moved By Love" retreats in Ahmedabad (some stories).