Awakin Bucharest

Previous Events

Romanian Smile Cards: A group of volunteers have been serving by weekly translating the Awakin readings in Romanian and one day, they just said, “we need Romanian SMILE cards” and we have then to spread our smiles just like that maybe with some kindness coffees?

Karma Kitchen: Verita School hosts 2 Karma Kitchen events annually where students, teachers, parents, and friends from the community cook and serve a meal offered as a gift. Read about the first Karma Kitchen Bucharest and also the video visually capturing the moments.

GenerosiTREE: Taking to the parks with a kindness mob! One sunny weekend we planted seeds to kindness in the park and then left some “Inspiration To-go” post-its in a school.

Dance for Kindness: Kids and adults come together for the ‘Dance for Kindness’ which is part of the International Annual Dance for Kindness organized by Lifevest Inside Foundation.