Awakin Ahmedabad

Other Local Activities

To deepen our alignment with the spirit of service and our friendships with each other, we often host local events (like serving elderly residents at a care home and taking to the streets for a kindness flash mob), alongside 1-day "hands, head, heart" retreats. Below are some of the blog posts from some of our past gatherings ...

  • Seva Cafe is a weekend restaurant that is driven by volunteers and operated by a modest staff. Here's a recent video on History Channel that went super viral. To serve or simply attend as a guest, connect here.

  • Amdavad No Rickshawalo: A trip to Ahmedabad may seem incomplete without a ride in a rickshaw who's meter always read 'zero'. Uday Bhai, who is also famously known as Amdavad No Rickshawalo has been running this rickshaw in the spirit of Gift Economy for the past 9 years. To experience the ride and the conversations, contact Uday Bhai at: 9428017326

  • HHH Retreat: Every four to six months, local volunteers will spend a weekend together on the outskirt of Ahmedabad, where we deepen our shared experience of "hands, head, and heart". To know about the next retreat date, connect here. (See also stories).


Here's some stories that have continued to still our minds, feed our hearts, and remind us of the invisible collective constantly at work while homes across the globe, continue to remain open for each of us to come together in the spirit of silence and stillness :)