About Awakin Calls

Awakin Calls is an initiative of ServiceSpace, a global, all-volunteer community dedicated to small acts of great love. Our webinar and podcast series highlights the outer work and inner journeys of individuals who are transforming our world in large and small ways. We aim to inspire and seed shifts in consciousness by highlighting paradigm-shifting ways of being and doing in the world. We are a heart-centered learning community across wisdom traditions exploring the ServiceSpace principle of “change yourself, change the world”. We organize our processes in accordance with the principles we seek to lift up, and so each conversation is co-created by a team of volunteers distributed across the world, in a spirit of intrinsically motivated service and kinship.

Awakin Calls feature turning point stories and hold space for speakers to open their hearts about the inner journeys that accompany their outer head-and-hands work. Our guests have ranged from public changemakers -- including Pulitzer Prize-winning writers, innovative philanthropists, transformational business leaders, Nobel prize recipients, and cultural change filmmakers and musicians -- to private citizens engaging directly within their own communities.

At Awakin Calls, we’re also inspired by the hearts of our volunteers and our listeners, who shape and help create each conversation.

What is the Awakin Calls format? 

On Saturdays at 9:00AM Pacific, and sometimes on other days and times, we host a live virtual, moderated conversation or workshop with our guest(s). We invite our listeners from around the world to submit questions and reflections for our speaker(s).

Hundreds of listeners tune in live to each Awakin Call. As of January 2022, we have over 590 recorded conversations, and Awakin Calls have collectively been played or downloaded more than million times.

Who is behind this?

Awakin Calls is an initiative of ServiceSpace --  a distributed and diverse community of volunteers who share the collective value and vision of heart-centered service. Our volunteers are remarkable changemakers in their own right -- accomplished writers and artists and community activists, as well as leaders in business, academia, public policy, medicine, and healing -- all enjoying the opportunity to serve the wider world in small and large ways. Our team currently has dozens of active members located in locations across multiple continents -- from Los Angeles to Sacramento to Kansas, Iowa, North Carolina and New York; from London to Amsterdam, Munich and Istanbul; from Mumbai to Delhi to Singapore; and more!

Our team recognizes the kinship between all people, communities, and the natural world. We value all individuals and peoples and recognize them as equals. We honor the traditional stewards of the lands and waters on which we gather from around the world. We align our programs to reflect that diversity, especially celebrating and empowering voices that have been silenced or forgotten.

How can I participate as a listener?

To join an upcoming live event as a listener, simply find one that interests you, RSVP, and you will receive by email the details to connect. We regard all call participants -- both speakers and listeners -- as integral co-creators in the dialogue process, so we look forward to your active participation. We aim to keep the conversation intimate and also encourage post-call interactions. Most of our calls have long “tails” -- in that once the recording of the event is posted on our website, they are accessed tens of thousands of times over time.

How can I nominate a speaker?

To nominate yourself or someone else as a potential guest, please fill in the nomination form and we'll keep you posted if/when there's a fit. 

A recent Awakin Calls guest shared this reflection: “When I was a guest on the [Awakin] call, I felt an activated energy much in the way of connecting to the chi field when I practice with others. I’ve done countless podcasts. I’ve not experienced this before. It’s a phenomenal community you all have cultivated, energetically alive.” 

For more context, here's a summary of what one speaker shared after a call: What I Received

How long have you been doing this?

For a couple of decades, people have opened up their living rooms to host "Awakin Circles" around the globe. That eventually led to a global series of virtual conversations called Awakin Calls that has lifted the inner and outer journeys of more than 500 remarkable changemakers around the world.

Can I sign up to volunteer?

You can do so in 3 simple steps:

  1. Register with ServiceSpace and create a profile. This allows us to learn a bit about you.
  2. Watch a brief online orientation. This allows you to learn a bit more about us.
  3. Explore open volunteer positions and sign up!

I have more questions.

We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a note anytime.