Speaker: Birju, Bela and Audrey

Giftivism Experiences in India!

As it is said, “Meditation is internal service while service is external meditation.” 

Few places on our planet compare to Manav Sadhna, an abode of spiritual joy in the highest service of humanity. Over the years, thousands of volunteers have found solace and guidance in volunteering at Manav Sadhna. They shared practices for inner transformation, projects for external impact, and platforms for social change. And yet, there was no real agenda except to come together as “noble friends”. 

Some of our noble friends, Audrey, Bela, and Birju were fortunate enough to be part of these gatherings and service projects.  Audrey spent New Year's at the home of a  street vendor and then joined her in  selling vegetables.  Even though they didn't understand each other language, the language of the heart overpowered everything else.  

Birju attended a Giftivism retreat in Pune with several changemakers sharing  incredible stories  leading to beautiful ripples of inner transformation. Bela volunteered much of her time with Raghubhai, a man who does not let polio stop him from serving the most neglected and forgotten in the slums.  
Join us this Saturday as we connect to hear stories and reflections from our friends as they share their reflections and experiences from their remarkable journey to the heart of India. 

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