Speaker: Ali, Atman, Andres

Holistic Life Foundation

Brothers Ali and Atman Smith met Andres Gonzalez at the University of Maryland College Park. During their last semester there, the trio spent a lot of time reading books on spirituality, philosophy, modern history, religions, ancient history, politics, and astronomy. They all saw some things wrong with the world, but it was not until Andres said, "So what are we going to do about it?", that they all knew they had to do something.

After graduating from college and moving back home, they noticed how they neighborhood that they grew up in had changed so much. Gone was that feeling that the neighborhood was like one big family, and the "older guys" served as mentors and big brothers to all of the younger kids. They saw that as important factor in their growth and development. They knew that they wanted to do something to help bring that feeling back to their neighborhood.  And so the seeds for their nonprofit organization, the Holistic Life Foundation, were planted.

The Holistic Life Foundation works with kids from some of the toughest neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland, through programs that are anchored in values of unity and interconnectedness.  Ali and Atman grew up with yoga and meditation in their home and as they began to study it more seriously, realized that they wanted to apply these practices in their mission to help others. 

The symbol of the Holistic Life Foundation is the trio’s unique spin on the Aum symbol.  Instead of the dot that is usually on the top, they changed it to a globe in order to remind people of the relationship each person shares with the planet and all life living on it.

Join us this Saturday to learn about the personal journeys of Ali, Atman, and Andres, their interconnected path to the founding of the Holistic Life Foundation, and the inspiring stories of lives that have been touched by this uncommon nonprofit organization.

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