Speaker: Moshe Gersht

No Mistakes in the Universe: Creating A Roadmap for Personal Transformation

**Please note special day for this call to accomodate for our guest Moshe's weekly Shabbat practice.

"When you're open to meaningful coincidences, opportunities will present themselves to you all the time." Rabbi Moshe Gersht

Rabbi Moshe Gersht found himself at a pivotal decision point early in his life. At 18, he chose to leave school in response to a forced choice between pursuing his passion for music or graduating instead. It was at this crossroad and subsequent ones that he learned there are two things that shape our decisions: how we see ourselves and how we see the world.

"I wasn't walking about believing in accidents. There were no mistakes in the universe. I was looking for hidden opportunities wherever they could be found. When you're the one looking for silver linings you'll be the one who finds them", said Moshi.

By the age of 20, having "made it" as a pop-punk rockstar, Moshi found himself wondering what living a successful life actually entails. This question led him to Jerusalem, where he experienced a spiritual awakening. He went on to spend two decades in Israel immersed in Torah study, prayer, and meditation as well as the mystical teachings of Kabbalah and Chasidus.

In bridging his spiritual and mystical studies with an exploration of the inner landscape, Moshe brings a new energy to the journey of personal transformation. Today, he is an international speaker, a meditation guide, and spiritual teacher helping people find fulfillment through self-discovery. The spiritual journey is essentially a journey to ourselves, and in being true to ourselves we are able to live out our highest good. "My mission is to share the life-giving wisdom of unconditional love, by empowering [people] to awaken to a higher consciousness," he said.

Many of Moshe's talks share his uniquely holistic approach to a spiritual and fulfilling life. He is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of several books including, It's All the Same to Me, a spiritual self-help guide endorsed by Deepak Chopra, and its companion journal. He also authored The Three Conditions: how Intention, Joy, and Certainty will Supercharge Your Life and the workbook, "The 5 Steps to Manifesting and Co-Creating Your Life".

Moshe grew up in an Orthodox household in Los Angeles (U.S.) and currently lives in Israel with his wife and their children, whom he believes he learns as much from as he shares with them.

Join us on Feb. 18 for a call with this compassionate spiritual guide.

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