Speaker: Victor Koo and Samvit Ramadurgam

Living Your Values

Building on our Laddership Pod's theme of 'We' this week, we're excited to host a bonus breakout call with two special guests -- Victor Koo and Samvit Ramadurgam!

Victor Koo is a familiar face in China's tech industry. In the late 90s, he presided over China's second-largest search engine; and then, started YouKu (commonly called "YouTube of China") with its 500 million monthly users. While riding the waves of the internet, he also experienced some significant personal transformations that reconnected him to the "inner-net". Subsequently, his latest venture aims to support "healthy and sustainable lifestyles" -- as he himself traverses the same track.

Joining Victor is a Silicon Valley prodigy -- Samvit Ramadurgam. By his mid-twenties, he had already taken one company public, and just a few years after, he had remarkably invested in a dozen "unicorns" (billion dollar valuations). His 28th year, however, marked a dramatic shift in his trajectory.  During the heart of Covid in early 2020, he spent a period of 70 days focusing in deep meditation, while he and his co-founder put their company on pause. Soon after, he experienced profound insights into the heart of service and community, as he now looks to integrate his inner transformation into technology designs.  (Seen on the right with his sister.)

The call will be moderated by Nipun Mehta.

Join us for a candid and emergent conversation with these two uncommon heroes who found the courage to unhook themselves from "golden handcuffs" and are now navigating the difficult task of integrating their values of compassion and community within hyper-transactional ecosystems, and into new enterprises and technologies they create.

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