Speaker: Angela Porter & Alexandra Johnson

Reconciling Trauma by Coming Home to the Body: An Experiential Workshop

**Note: This is a special experiential and participatory workshop. The movements will entail sitting or working on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothing and find a quiet, carpeted or lightly padded area.

What allows painful events to continue affecting us over time? How can we transform our relationship to these events, to reduce their traumatic impact?

These are the questions Breema Bodywork teachers Angela Porter, MFT, and Alexandra Johnson, MD, will explore in a special experiential and participatory workshop.** Breema Bodywork is a "teaching of the heart, an expression of the unifying principle of Existence."

Angela and Alexandra will lead a variety of somatic (body-based) movement practices to help nurture connection between the body and mind, open possibilities to process events in a new way, and strengthen the capacity to assimilate, heal, and live fully.

"To experience unity in our life, we must be unified within ourselves. A first step in this process is to bring body and mind together to bring us from a passive state to an active one."

Angela Porter, MFT, is an activist and somatic therapist specializing in the treatment of trauma and addictions. She has trained in multiple modalities, including Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Therapy, counseling psychology, and EMDR. As an instructor and practitioner of Breema Bodywork since 1998, Angela uses the mind-body connection as the foundation of her work with individuals and groups.

Outside of her Oakland-based private practice, Angela serves as adjunct faculty of graduate psychology at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, JFK University, and The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley. She also teaches clinical trainees at various institutes.

Formerly a program director and group facilitator at various substance abuse treatment centers, Angela has a passion for supporting veterans, formerly incarcerated men and women, and people with co-occurring mental health concerns.

Angela enjoys traveling internationally to teach workshops for therapists, doctors, nurses, midwives, other healthcare professionals, and teachers.

Alexandra Johnson, MD, is an integrative and functional medicine physician specializing in family medicine, women's health, and care for the underserved. Even before her medical training, she was interested in holistic care, learning Breema Bodywork and also certifying as a doula. In addition to studying and teaching Breema locally and internationally for over 20 years, she has served as teaching faculty for the University of Colorado and Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. During her time in Ethiopia, she developed an infection in her brain, leading to significant health challenges, only to reinforce the role of Breema to transform body and mind.

Her work in prenatal care, and labor and delivery, incorporates the Breema principles. To facilitate cross-talk between home birth and hospital birth providers, she was featured in the 2016 film, Why Not Home?

Her current clinical practice in Northern California integrates Breema, hypnosis, diet, and personalized medical care. She lives in Santa Cruz, CA, with her husband -- who is also a Breema instructor -- and their five children.

Please join us in this special offering to experience individual embodiment practices in a collective field.

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