Speaker: Anne Veh

The Art of Making the Mundane Magical

The first thing you'll notice are her shining eyes.

Anne Veh is an incredible force of love. An artist, curator, mother, wife, seeker, convener of school kindness circles, interviewer extraordinaire, eternal kindergartner (a la eternal kindergarten teacher, Betty Peck), delightful baker of scrumptious brownies and banana bread, and so many other elements-- one can spot her a mile away just by the glow of her enormous, radiant heart.

A seasoned artist and art curator with over 25 years of experience, Anne has served on the board of the Modern Art Council of SFMOMA, Youth in Arts, Headlands Center of the Arts, Photo Alliance, and Green Museum.

Beyond art museums and organizations, her life itself is a glowing piece of art.

With Anne, all the small things become sacred. Whether making holiday granola for her community, crocheting heart bracelets, and crafting artful pendants as kindness tags each piece of yarn or flake of oat is imbued with the spirit of her nurturing love. Nature and photography dance in her presence, whether she's editing a film on a local wildlife sanctuary, communing with a pair of hawks outside her balcony, welcoming a new puppy into the wide embrace of her care, or honoring the redwood trees that grace her neighborhood. An eternal optimist, she still stays real and raw during life's most challenging moments, whether it's by clearing her schedule to be with family during a loved one's last moments, lighting candles at her altar for those in difficulty, or simply showing up for close friends (whether in their teens or 90s!) during their hour of need. 

A refreshing compass for all things of the heart, she pours her radiance, sweetness and deep reverence for life into everything she does. By popular demand, the time has come for her to let us in on the secret of her joyful heart. :)

Join us, on March 12th, for a heartwarming conversation.

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