Speaker: Moin Khan

Dissolving Boundaries, One Heart At A Time

Moin Khan was born and raised in Pakistan and moved to Norther California in 2005 to go to Business School. He found himself depressed and hurt when he used to hear news from his home country and wanted to do something to change the image in people's minds. What better way than to touch their hearts?

So he worked for a year to save up money and then left San Francisco on his motorcycle to tell the world that he was a peace loving human being just like them and loved adventures  just like them and he was Pakistani. He felt moved to change the image of Pakistan by giving people the opportunity to meet a Pakistani and connect heart to heart. On this path he crossed 22 countries, 40 thousand kilometers, broke 3 ribs, a shoulder, a thumb and both wrists in a bad crash. But he made it to his home country of Pakistan after a month and a half on the hospital bed. 

Now he has made it his mission to invite Americans to Pakistan so they ride motorcycles with him in the Himalayas and take back amazing experience from Pakistan to the US. For the year 2014 he has 14 people confirmed with air tickets and visas. He thinks it can only grow bigger from here on and sees Pakistan as the biker heaven. He says, " Pakistan has so much to offer and still a lot hasn't even been explored.."

He is also teaching women how to ride a motorcycle in Pakistan which was unheard of ever before. His 2014 winter campaign is "Warm up a friend". You can buy a ADifferentAgenda hoodie for $6 - on one simple condition - only if you donate one to someone in need. He has given away about 500 hoodies, 200 blankets, 200 warm socks and 200 beanies...

Come, join us for a wonderful ride with Moin Khan and learn about his "different agenda"...

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