Speaker: Laura Lavigne

It started in May 2012 when a friend posted a photo on Laura Lavigne’s Facebook wall. The photo was of a few people wearing bright orange jumpsuits and holding signs with cool messages over their heads. It seemed a great match to the Center for Happiness. A conversation started, fueled by Laura’s invitation: “Hey, this is so cool. Who wants to do it with me?” People responded with enthusiasm and when asked what Signs they would like to hold, what message they would like to broadcast, the words poured in. A local printing company donated the sign, and Happiness Sprinkling Project was born.

....And the signs now get passed on from Happiness Ambassador to Happiness Ambassador, weaving a whole tapestry of people who joyfully work together on the same project, paying it forward for the next event. After almost a year of doing this, a "Happiness Tribe" is being built as people support each other, connect online and even travel to each other's Sprinklings.

On this call, listen to Laura journey of doing small act, growing into a 90-day gratitude challenge, and building a movement that support others journeys.