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Gaus Sayyad, Maitreyee Gehlot & Karan Shah : Youth - Be the Change

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Age No Bar For Kindness & Wisdom

Talking about Youth, here are some wisdom quotes from last Awakin Talk on "Youth: Be the Change". (Also available as a video with a spirited song by Rahul here.)

Thanks to this young, untiring and beginner's spirit which shines into and from everything here! :-) :-)

Speaking in the panel were Gaus and Maitreyee, who lot of us have had the the privilege of meeting in person too. And our star moderator was none other than Karan Shah, who has been an amazing part of the Awakin Talks volunteers gang, seamlessly putting his hand up for one thing after another. Not to forget, many other in the young students gang, whose heartful labour has made this offering of Awakin Talks possible. Shoutout and hugs to them all. :-) Zeal, Anushree, Bhavya, and some secret ones too. You can watch the full talk here (there was a surprise "rapid fire" round as well..)

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