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[At your job], just as with prayer, any attempt to change the outer circumstances without making a change within the consciousness is pointless. In fact, to do so might be compared to believing it possible to change the configuration of a room by rearranging the reflections of that same room in a mirror. It won't work, you cannot move the reflected objects in the mirror, quite simply because they are only reflections. What will work is making an honest evaluation of how you are holding your job and the people in it in your consciousness and the extent to which you either made use of or ignored opportunities to use your job as a channel for good.

Recognize that this "good" may have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with your specific job responsibilities, although it certainly can be related to them. The good you are able to do through your job is your "work."

I was an employee at Intel for nearly nine years. At various times during that period my job responsibilities included practicing software, contract, antitrust, trademark, and general business law. ... Those were my official job responsibilities; none of those was my "work." My job responsibilities were clearly delineated oftentimes in writing by the company, my manager, or myself; nowhere was there a written description of my "work," indeed, my employer would very likely have been shocked to know what I considered my "work" responsibilities to have been.

Within job categories, my duties stayed fairly much the same from day to day and in time I was able to perform them pretty much by rote. Meanwhile, my "work" changed minute-by-minute and required me to be very much in the moment or risk losing opportunities to do some good. There was a sense of structure and orderliness around the completion of responsibilities with my job; there was a sense of wide-eyed wonder, as well as a bit of uncertainty, about my "work." My job existed within the confines of a clearly defined space with precise boundaries; my "work" was living on the edge. [...]

Your job is a manifestation of your spirit in the physical world. You can pretend that this is not the case, basically ignore it, or you can consciously claim it.

You get to choose.

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    On Aug 8, 2013 Matty wrote:

    Well said.  I am retired from work I loved, computer software.  I noticed how my career evolved, following a path that followed my own particular interests.  A company would hire me for one job, but eventually I'd be doing one they needed more.  I seemed to be always conscious of what my boss needed, and found a way to provide it.  (And in the process became somewhat of an expert in Excel spreadsheets.  LOL)

    I spend a lot of time at the gym now, keeping my body healthy.  But I've become aware that I have new "work" there. So many people, also retired, seem to need something I seem to be able to give them.  Mostly it's just my listening.  This "work" is also evolving, so I don't know the full extent of it yet, but my spirit leads me.  Somehow it always has. 

    I like a comment from another who shared.   "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." 

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    On Aug 8, 2013 Carl wrote:

     My work is killing me.

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    On Oct 13, 2012 Cindy wrote:
    Opportunities for me to make the changes I wish to see in the world are all around me. The ability to recognize them takes practice. The change is in the practice and there is my Joy!  Let it be.

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    On Oct 11, 2012 navinsata wrote:
    Your mind is mirror,it reflects outwardly with layers of mask ,In gita shri krishna defines sakaam [selfish desires]and nishkam][unselfish desires] very simply and clearly .one must evaluate ones action with introspection then consciously one self is aware and not numb with what ever we do or think .[life is YAGNA}=what ever we do everyone also gets banefits and our true self shines through in mirror of mind without any mask always unconditional love

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    On Oct 11, 2012 Alisa Rose wrote:
    Well expressed!
    We are here to Be Who We Are...As you say, "the manifestation of ....spirit in the physical world". To be more and more consciously ourselves.
    Each of our 'individual' selves interacting with and responding to each moment and each other.

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    On Oct 11, 2012 Kat Jackson wrote:
    Ric, thank you.  Your comments and philosophy resonated so with me.  My life motto is, "wherever you go, go with all your heart" and I love to bring this level of engaging to my "work"...blessings..kat 

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    On Oct 11, 2012 Dr.Shailesh Mehta wrote:
     Yes. Our intent to oblige,help,do good or make some one happy in any job,any moment of life is what is real  basis of work. Intent to oblige should be main product and by products would follow. if software in form of inner vision,inner resolve is upgraded then it would yield higher results in form of happiness and welfare of others and really of our own .       Dr.Shailesh Mehta. 

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    On Nov 15, 2006 Nardine wrote:
    Well said Ric! I so enjoy living 'on the edge' in my work, ever present to the good I may bring in 'every now'. Yet have never so consciously claimed my right to live/move from job to job, simply because that is where my 'work' took me. All my 'movement' is spirit in action.

    Having just read Nov 14, The Blooming of the Offering Within You, I know my every now is blooming blessed!

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    On Sep 13, 2006 Nan wrote:
    I've been thinking similarly for a while now, and appreciate the way in which Ric Giardina has articulated these thoughts. People perform particular jobs for any number of reasons, but must do what Ric calls "work" for greater personal and spiritual satisfaction, and ultimately, success. As I recently left my job of several years and am contemplating next steps, I hope to find a "job" where I will be able to "work".

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