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Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Radical Amazement

Rabbi Pliskin, Comparisons

Rabindranath Tagore, Beauty Harmonizes Law and Liberty

Rabindranath Tagore, Freedom Manifests in Action

Rabindranath Tagore, Opening Thy Palm

Rabindranath Tagore, What is Goodness?

Rabindranath Tagore, The Message

Rabindranath Tagore, An Undying Faith of the Infinite in Us

Rabindranath Tagore, Centuries of Culture

Rabiya, Search Inside or Outside?

Rachel Naomi Remen, Power of Blessing

Rachel Naomi Remen, Only Service Heals

Rachel Naomi Remen, Stepping Over The Bag Of Gold

Rachel Naomi Remen, The Difference Between Education and Training

Rachel Naomi Remen, An Unusual Gift From My Grandfather

Rachel Naomi Remen, Impermanence is Not Fragility

Rachel Naomi Remen, Life May Itself Be A Koan

Rachel Naomi Remen, Serving Is Different From Helping And Fixing

Rachel Naomi Remen, The Gift of New Eyes

Rachel Remen, Helping, Fixing, Serving

Radhanath Swami, Cultivation of that Dormant Love

Rainer Maria Rilke, We Move in Infinite Space

Rainer Maria Rilke, Live the Questions Now

Rainer Maria Rilke, Trust in the Difficult

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Meaning of Success

Ram Dass, The Opportunity Aging Offers

Ram Dass, Untested Simplicity of the Villages

Ram Dass, Beyond Content Of Thought

Ram Dass, When Skills Meet Demand

Ram Dass, The Witness

Ram Dass, Compassion in Action

Ram Dass, The Emerging Game

Ram Dass, The Game Is To Be Where You Are

Ram Dass, Be Love Now

Ram Dass, Suffering Leads to Grace

Ram Dass, Compassion in Action

Ram Tzu, Travel Light

Ramana Maharshi, Fear of Death

Ramana Maharshi, From Theory To Practice

Ramesh Balsekar, Let Life Flow

Raphael Kellman, The Quantum Matrix

Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter, Why Busyness Is Actually Modern Laziness

Ray Grigg, Each Thing's Way

Reader Digest, Everyday Heroes

Rebecca Solnit, The Endless Fertility of Walking

Rev. Carol Carnes, If Sameness Is A Demand We Make

Rev. Heng Sure, Fighting Inside-Wars Outside

Rev. Jeffrey Symynkywicz, Let Us Be One

Rhonda Fabian, Two Kinds Of Resistance

Ric Giardina, Your Job -- A Manifestation of Your Spirit

Richard Bach, Tired of Clinging

Richard Carlson, Letting Go Of The Glory

Richard Feynman, New Atoms Doing the Same Dance

Richard Moss, Doorways To Creativity

Richard Powell, Honoring Complexity, Being Rooted in Simplicity

Richard Rohr, Opposite Of Meditation Is Not Action, It's Reaction

Richard Rohr, You Cannot Capture Silence, It Captures You

Richard Rohr, From Being Driven To Being Drawn

Richard Rose, Search Itself Changes You

Richard Shiffman, Asleep To Our Own Nature

Rick Hanson, Unconditioned Stillness

Rick Hanson, Come Home to Love

Rick Jarow, Living from the Heart

Riva Melissa Taz, The Grandest Vision For Humanity

Rob Burbea, The False Dichotomy Between Being And Doing

Robert A. Heinlein, This I Believe

Robert E. Rubin, A Relentless Search For Greater Understanding

Robert Johnson, Ninety Six Words for Love

Robert Pirsig, Futility of Discrimination

Robert Pirsig, The Art of the Skilled Mechanic

Robert Pirsig, The Japanese Word, Mu

Robert Pirsig, Selfless Climbing versus Ego Climbing

Robert S. Hartman, Bringing the Vacation Spirit into Daily Life

Robert Sapolsky, Ambiguity Of Violence

Robin Wall Kimmerer, To Find Something, Don't Look For It

Robin Wall Kimmerer, Uniform Corn-Rows In High-Tech Isolation

Robin Wall Kimmerer, Returning the Gift

Robin Wall Kimmerer, Planting Twin Trees

Robina Courtin, Attachments Are Not Set in Stone

Roger Walsh, Indulge an Attachment

Roger Walsh, Seven People Cutting Stones

Rosalina Chai, Beauty of the Mosaic

Rudolf Steiner, Past and Future: Two Streams of the Soul

Rudyard Kipling, If ...

Rumi, Guest House

Rumi, The Tavern

Rumi, Let Them Sleep

Rumi, The Root Of The Root Of Your Self

Rumi, One Sip of An Answer

Rumi, Guest House

Rumi, as told by Elif Shafak, Seven Stages Of The Ego

Rupert Spira, The Reality of the Illusory World

Ruth Richards, Everyday Creativity

Ryan Holiday, What Is Wealth?

Ryan Holiday, Feel Free To Set A Better Example

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