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    On Feb 19, 2008 Troy wrote:

    There is nothing that we cannot agree upon, understanding that if it exists, even in concept alone, that it is truth. Now how can I understand this in my own terms ? Yes, silence cannot be described using symbols that create form, an absence of silence, that unified ‘nothingness’ from which we create. The area which no, we cannot accurately describe what it is, only trying by description of what it is not, from the outside, a metaphor for the content and whole of our unconscious The use of flowery wording & dialectical descriptions that seem to cancel each other out ( but really leave your mind with a contradiction that allows an opening however brief for “silence” to emerge ) is beauteous It is also within this place of utter potential, of “nothingness” ( as utterly simple as it is to know, often TOO simple by our illusorily modern lives to accept ) Within ‘this’ silence, or rather within our SELFs, is where we can find it/us/I am…all Thru dialectic cancelation, a sort of unification, & understanding that all of life is ONE, that there is no separation except that which we stubbornly work to impose trying to maintain/control so we can understand it Instead of trusting openly & completely our own common/unique process of life This is a simple description of the mechanics of language in relation to experience transmitted. Very intangible & inversely relatable

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