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    On Nov 23, 2021 NAREN KINI wrote:

    Like most arts of the ancient and their tradition, I have always felt their real essence is deeper than the visuals or the aesthetics. Deeper sometimes are the scars and impressions in one's consciousness that over time percolates to the sub consciousness level and becomes the basis of all decisions and actions. Saint Kabir gave the example of a weaver and the potential flaws in the weave that leave a touch of being human. So have many in their creation of art as well. The best and the most effective tool that a human carries is also shown by nature - empathy and compassion. In the healing of a broken branch of a tree, in the recovery of a shock felt by a plant or an animal, it has always been nature's subtle but steady care and compassion. Sometimes it is the wind, sometimes the tender drops of rain and other times a human hand and music of nature that has helped heal.

    When we as human make discussion of unseen scars and impressions as taboo and send them down a spiral, what emerges are multiple pieces of the soul. Sometimes they cannot be put together. Hence, my take away is do not break to make an art. There are many that are broken we can be the glue/bond that will help put them together - even if the outcome is not a display piece, it will become a functional, compassion filled heart that will cure and curate many more.

    I am glad in pursuit of the proverbial perfection, we are willing to accept imperfect best selves of ourselves and the heal from the negative experiences - advancing in the way of love.

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