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    On Nov 19, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    We all break precious items and we may feel anger, hurt, regret and despair. We create scars in us and in others. How do we deal with the broken parts of ourselves? Do we boil with anger or accept the scars and heal them? Do we hold on to the scars or let them go? I like to work on the wounds with a kind, compassionate and creative approach. I learn from the broken bowl of life. I repair it, protect it, and restore its wholeness. Dreams of life get broken. Relationships get broken. I believe in restoring it with loving and kind awareness. Suffering opens the door of healing.
    During my relatively long life my bowl of life has been broken. My heart has been wounded. I wentthrough a depressive cycle. I felthopeless. The tender touch of my mother's loving hands brought life back to my life. Enkindled the light of hope. Helped me bounce back to the path of hope and lifted me from the pit of despair and misery. I leaned the power of resilience.
    Life is like a web with different colors and shapes. As I have mentioned before the web of life gets entangled and I feel caught up and tied. I have learned how to untangle my web by awareness and compassion. The entanglementhelped me realize my own inner strength and taught me how to create a flow in my life. Life teaches lessons. We need to be good learners.
    Jagdish P Dave

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