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    On Oct 8, 2021 David Doane wrote:

    I resist being told what I need to do. I have fought for change, but what I relate to more is that I change, and sometimes my changing takes more effort than other times. Much of mychange and effort to change is to improve myself. I don't know that I ever changed with the intention to make myself worse. Years ago I changed from one career pathto another. My changing was scary for me, and I learned and recreated myself. I think what helps me accept change is acceptinglife, that is, accepting that change is constant. Change and a better future aren't oppositional. Not all change is improvement, but for the future to be better there must be change. I have an optimism that helps me envision a better future and helps me accept change as part of a better future. Nothing needs to change; everything simply is constantly changing. I may want for things to change, which is my want and not the want of things. We can see what is and we can accept what is;that we don't doesn't mean we can't. I have enough power to make some change. Not jumping through a window of opportunity may benefit someone -- you never know. I've never seen not real change. All change is real change, some change making a situation better and some making it worse. Every change is change of everything. Every change is transformation. Yes, a good leader does implement change that improves.

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