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    On Oct 8, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Can acceptance and change join hands together? Can light and shadow walk together? Can silence and voice sing together? Acceptance of what is and makingessential changes is a balancing act. Changes do take place. They need to be faced creatively and wisely. Otherwise life doesn't flow. It gets stagnant and stinks. In the dynamic world we live in, both 'fight for change' and 'lead to improve' are necessary. Change needs to make in the the right way in right direction. This is the way I am embracing life. I see the value of both frames of references. I maintain the fluidity of living without getting blocked by 'eitheror' mental stance.
    Life has given me many opportunities to learnfrom my personalexperiences. When I experiencepain in my belly I relate to my belly pain mindfully.I recognize it and investigate the cause of my physical pain and learn from it and do not eatpain -causing food. The same way I relate to my relational painI become aware of what happened that triggered my anger, anxiety or despair, accept it and learn from it and put it into practiceto avoid the aches I created in me and the other person my life.
    I have learned from my own personal experienceswhat causes light in me and what causes darkness in me. Self-awareness, introspection, courage to recognize my shadow have been very helpful to me to know myself and work on myself. Life presents challenges to face and gives us opportunities for transformation.
    Jagdish P Dave

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