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    On Sep 10, 2021 David Doane wrote:

    Being beggars is one way we deal with not having and not being able to get, or think we can't get, what we need or want. At such times, a person is likely feeling powerless and/or desperate. The person who is drowning, one way or another, may beg for help. He or she needs a lifesaver. When the person is safely alive is the time to learn to swim. When starving, it may be life saving to be given a fish, and then learn to fish. When being beggars, we try to get what we need or want from outside. Be a beggar only briefly. When I dropped out of a career path that was important to me, I felt at the bottom, thoroughly lost. Others helped me to not drown. The greatest gift I received and learned was to re-empower. I learned that what I needed was in me, not outside of me. Experiencing a bottom still helps me retain what I went through and what I learned and retain empathy when I or another is hurting.

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