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    On Sep 4, 2021 Adele wrote:

    Equanimity is for me the utmost refinement.

    In a time/culture that privileges individual expression, instantaneous gratification, and a consequent attitude of entitlement, the reality of rising above the surface to see the forest in its full topography is a privilege.

    As emotional waves come back and forth and the ego entertains intricate patterns of engagement, seeing clearly, moderately, and with equanimity represents a great challenge.

    I try to meditate and to be in touch with the deepest inner knowing of my Being each day to introduce a counterpoint to the naturally deceiving, seductive nature of our cultural context: As a person in the world, I am vulnerable to this seduction as much as (mostly) all people. As one who seeks balance, I compassionately invite myself to return to the original Oness of all times.

    I see this as one more paradox intrinsic to being human - a Being between worlds, experiencing a vast, transient field of possibilities.

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