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    On Aug 24, 2021 Annie McIntosh wrote:

    My attempt to practice equanimity comes with practicing paying attention to the parts of me that are judging a situation or person and being aware of the part of me that is wanting so very much to react by saying or doing something impulsive. I often sense that I am trying to "protect" something. I inquire within about what I think I am protecting. Identity, ego, a belief?

    An example of staying in balance happened when the polarizing topic of Covid Vaccinations Vs No Vaccinations came up in a Zoom meeting with 7 of my girlfriends. I noticed how fast everyone needed their opinion to be heard. All of the same arguments arose as we see in the media. I listened in compassion without having to side or decide for or against holding duality. Now that I read the article of Scharmer's"Uncovering the Bind Spot of Leadership" I think I was using Generative Listening! There was a stillness and a flow that I experienced in that moment both of listening and sharing.

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