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    On Jul 29, 2021 Debra Myers wrote:

    After attending the Circle last night and listening toNipun's reflection,I awoke this morning recalling an experience I had three years ago. After attending a summit for the Euphrates Institute where Nipun spoke, I returned to San Francisco for a couple of days before flying home. The first stop was to park at Chrissy Field to walk up the path for a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge. After my walk I returned to my car to discover that someone had broken the window and stolen mybackpack with my computer in it along with several notebooks and other things accumulated on my trip thus far. The first moment was disbelief, the second I felt my thoughts fall into a dread and fear about the loss, and then something else happened. I had a question in my mind...what choice do I have in this moment? Curiosity appeared. I am certain Nipun's explanation of the Service Space model opened my thought to another possibility. What if I recognized that the computer and other things were never mine to begin with. Then there was no theft. I recalled first hearing this concept from Byron Katie years before in her book A Thousand Names for Joy which I read many times. And with that thought, it was as though a beam of light entered my heart. I get light, joyful, certain that this experience was brought to me as a way of bringing home to me the ideas I had been hearing about all week at the summit. The following day my backpack was returned to me without the laptop or one of my sketchbooks which contained many drawings of hearts (biologically accurate not the symbol) along with beings whose hearts were allconnected. It was a little harder to let that go but I let it go as well realizing that this heart message that was so close to mine needed to travel out into the world and bless. I like to say I lost my heart to San Francisco. But thr truth is that in many ways I found it. I can say my life needed a profound shift and that trip was a turning point for me. And continues to bless.

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