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    On Jul 23, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    As I understand, desire or greed of stealingor non-stealing is born in our mind. When I am aware of what is happening in my mind, my desire or greed for getting something that does not belong to me, I consciously refrain from that selfish grip and move into the non-stealing zone. Non-stealing means being open, honest, free, and truthful with myself and following the inner voice of wisdom. My self-awareness and non-selfish actions keep me rooted in non-stealing state of my consciousness. This process of self-awareness, knowing Asteya, and followingTruth,is an ongoing spiritual journey to me.

    Non-judgementalself-awareness, thoughtfulness and humbleness help me walk on this spiritual path. I take time to learn from wisdom traditions, discuss spiritual teachings with like-minded people andembodythe knowingin my life. I have cultivated the attitudeof being patient and persistent in my journey of life. Regular practice of mindfulness meditation helps my mind to be quiet and clear. These practices have been interwoven in my daily life. We call it Sadhana, a spiritual way of living in the world..

    May we stay on this path of inner freedom, enlightenment for realizing the Truth, Fulfillment, and Peace!
    Jagdish P Dave

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