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    On Jun 25, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    Finding a balance between two extremes is a virtueby itself. In Buddhism it is called the middle path. In Yoga it is called equanimity-Yogahasmattvam uchyate. I use these words of wisdom in almost all walks of life such as eating, working, sleeping, talking and resting and thinking. Following the middle path helps me avoid the vices of deficiency and access. As Adam Grant says," If you want to be resilient, find the right amount of generosity and authenticityand grit." Or to put it differently to find "virtue in balance."

    Once one of our friends invited us to celebrate his birthday. It was a wonderful gathering with lots of delicious vegetarianfood items and different kinds of fruit juices. Normally I am careful about what and how much I put into my belly. That day I forgot to eat in moderation. And I paid a heavy price for my indulgence. That was a good lesson for mefor walking and staying on the middle path.

    I apply mindfulness in all walks of life. Awareness and alertness of what is going on in my body, mind, emotions and my actions and remaining alert about my actions helps me act wisely. Overdoing as well as under-doing have an adverse effect on the flow of my energy. I have learned how to live a balanced life and that's a blessing.
    Jagdish P Dave'

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