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    On Jun 2, 2021 Philip Morkel wrote:

    I would so much love to follow my heart all the time. I truly believe my upbringing in a house with 5 children and a loving stay-at-home mother, to whom my friends had always referred to as "their mother", and a father who showed his love through hard work and caring for his family, that I live with my heart being kind, caring and loving of and to my family, my children and my animals first and foremost, and then extending that principle to those other children and animals close to my heart.
    I now, however live in a country, which is extremely regulated and where the people around us are extremely selfish, disrespectful and self-righteous. In claimingaggressively their rights to self preservation,rights, which are bestowed onto them by their government,their history surfaces as anundercurrentofunderlyingarrogance, abrasiveness and being obnoxious to the needs of others. This may be a generalization, as there areloving and caring people around, with whom we have established loving and caring friendships. In the end it sadly remains a self-protectionist environment, where the state is also the state of mind.
    I will try and live by the heart and respect what I was taught, ..................but it is difficult at times!

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    On Jun 2, 2021 jo wrote:

    I hear you!❤️

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