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    On May 30, 2021 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

    The fist sentence of thispassage by Jack Kornfield says it all. "In spiritual life, what matters is simple:We make it certain that our path is connected with our heart. Our spiritual journeyis a journey of caring, love and kindness. It is important to pay our attention when our heart is focused on the core values of our life. Whatwe do is in alignment with our core spiritual values such as kindness, compassion and caring.The three questionsstated by the author are very pertinent for living a spiritual life. " Did I love well?" "Dis I live fully? "Did I learn to let go"
    My mother was illiterate. She lived a very simple life. Her hear was full of love
    and compassion.She used to say in my mother tongue. When you feed someone who is hungry your heart is filled with abundance and grace. My friends used to come to visit me. They always said to me thatwhatever simple food she my mother made tasted more sweetthan the food they ate their house.. It was the sweetness of her heart that made foodvery sweet. She taught me how to live spiritually.

    When I serve others from my heart I feel fulfilled and very happy. The lesson I learned from my mother has beena guiding star for me. She taught me a lesson of how to live fully. She showed methe path with heart.

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