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    On May 25, 2021 Eleanor wrote:

    Do images of spirituality distract us from letting the present (life) in? I agree that comfortable images can be used to excludethe parts of life we think of as bad. They can also be used to help get through the difficult parts. St. Paul said, "Test everything, hold on to that which is good." That's what I hope that I do with parables.
    I'm eighty with chronic health issues. In the hospital recently I was faced with accepting that I have to give up striving NOW, not later, if I expect to stay alive. Parables about the grace freely available from Christ helped me actually get excited about dropping a ten year project.
    I'm sad about dropping that project and others, but hopeful too. I found something else to do that doesn't involve striving. I plan to develop a mindfulness practice.

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    On May 25, 2021 Amy wrote:

    Dear Eleanor,
    I am a Christian too! Once I learned that Jesus Christ died on a cross to do for me what I could NEVER ("strive enough") do for myself, I found peace. He did it! For you and for me,He did it! It is out of Jesus's death (HIS power), Istrive to live within His plan. I could NEVER (on my own) earn it... never! For God so loved Eleanor and me (the world), He sent His Son. THANKS BE TO oUR DAD Who LIVES in Heaven! Amen.

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    On May 27, 2021 David Doane wrote:

    We die (and live) for one another. No one can find peace for me but me. We are each expressions of God. I believe Jesus believed each of those statements.

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