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    On May 21, 2021 David Doane wrote:

    I often see my thinking or images, be they images of spirituality or whatever, be they created by me or by the other, instead of seeing what is and letting life in. What comes to mind regarding "humble practice" that results in inspiration is efforts to see what is, such as to be in the present, put aside thinking, preconceived notions and created images, and let go of trying to control. When I do that even to a small extent, I find inspiration, surprises, aliveness, intimacy. Such practice is an important part of the foundation of my spirituality. What helps me stay rooted in such practice is the satisfaction I get from it. I like parables. For me, parables aren't distracting and I don't avoid them. Parables aren't about magical beliefs but are fantastic stories containing wisdom and lessons about rightliving. I have learned from parables and they have enhanced my practice. They tend to stick with me and I find myself reflecting on them.

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    On May 24, 2021 Shalom wrote:

    The author says,
    "I never wanted a fantastic story or magical belief as the foundation for my spirituality."

    but is that not being picky as well !
    Any preference is bias !

    just a thought

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    On May 25, 2021 David Doane wrote:

    For me, preference can be bias, or preference can be natural inclination. I think bias is judgmental preconceived thinking and conditioning, and natural inclination is nature. Preference can be bias and it can be natural inclination. For example, a preference of chicken dinner instead of fish, or preference of one fragrance over another, or preference of something saltyinstead of something sweet, or preference of this shirt over that one, can be examples of preference based on natural inclination or taste and not bias.

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    On May 25, 2021 Eleanor wrote:

    I was raise Christian, Episcopal version. I have studied other religions and listened to friends of other religions. I like and admire many religions,Nevertheless, I choose to remain Christian. I don't think that''s bias, because I don't try to change anyone's choice to match mine. In my case, the Christian parable led to the practice.

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